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The Benefits of Natural Versus Synthetic Fragrances!


The Benefits of Natural Versus Synthetic Fragrances!
The differences between natural fragrances versus synthetic fragrances are great. Synthetic fragrances are created in a laboratory with toxic chemicals. They are compounds that contain cancer causing ingredients and other toxic substances. These synthetic fragrances promote asthma and other life threatening disorders. They contain petroleum-derived
substances so it is no different then putting gasoline on your skin. Sound harsh? It is harsh. If you took the chemical profile and examined it in the laboratory you would never use a synthetic fragrance again.
So what are the benefits of using natural ingredients? The main benefit is the therapeutic essential oils that make up the natural fragrances have healing elements that work on your
body, mind, and spirit. They actually enhance your mental health creating happiness and well being and perpetuating uplifting states of mind. Geranium has been shown to prevent mood swings and balances the adrenals and hormones. There are root and wood essential oils that ground and center you in your body creating focus and concentration. Cedarwood and vetiver have meditative aspects. Citrus oils shadow fight 2 hack no root have been shown to be anti depressants. Many floral essential oils increase self esteem, and confidence and women feel good when they wear those fragrances. Bulgarian rose oil opens the heart chakra and therefore increases feelings of self love and love in general in their daily life. There are blitz brigade hack many positive attributes to king of thieves hack ios the essential oils. Lavender has shown to be calming and is used for headaches. Frankincense and other oils are very good for the skin. Palmarosa is a cellular regenerative and others rejuvenate the skin. Some essential oils are shown to be soothing and reduce stress and relieve nervous exhaustion. Angelica root encourages inspiration, and inner
vision. There are energetic, emotional, and physical healing properties associated with natural fragrances.
Natural fragrances are bottled by hand and not bottled in a factory using machines. The live plant energy is very beneficial. JoAnne Bassett uses organic fruity grape alcohol from wine grapes as a base for her all natural eau de toilettes and eau de parfums. Jojoba oil is a liquid vegetable wax from a desert plant and is used in her perfumes and gives them more staying power on your body. This oil does not go rancid so it increases the life of the perfume. Almond oil is also used as a base for her roll on bottles and is very good for dry skin.
JoAnne Bassett’s all natural line of fragrances is a treat for your nose and your skin. Indulge yourself with the loving plant essences. You are worth it!
Copyright 2005
JoAnne Bassett, Couture Perfumer

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