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The Benefits of Red Wine Busted as Heavy Metals Present in Wine


If you are a lifelong wine lover, and you have to read all the research, published on the therapeutic properties of red wine, the British investigators results of the analysis you can change the drink for you to enjoy every day. Potentially harmful metal ions have been found in many wines sold in the market, even as you read this.
The researchers analyzed the wines from 16 countries in Europe, South America and the Middle East, the level of metals and found that only those in Argentina, Brazil and Italy were free of dangerous metals.
Although not tested wines themselves, rather than the team calculated the hazard ratios of target THQ) based on data published in scientific journals.
Data on heavy metals in the U.S., there are wine, these wines are still analyzed. Target Risk Index (THQ) is a character, or known safe upper limits of exposure to various chemical risks. But reading below 1.0 is considered safe.
What was astounding team conducting the analysis was that THQ values are way too many wines in 1.0. Typical peak was found to THQ that ranged from a low 50,200 high, both red and white colors are equally high value. By comparison, the alarms sounded THQs when it comes to heavy metals in seafood are usually from 1 to 5.
These values are on, that they are mainly above the THQ value of 1.0. Excess consumption of metal ions is credited with pathological events such as Parkinson’s disease. shadow fight 2 hack no root In addition to neurological problems, these ions are also believed to enhance oxidative damage, the main component of chronic inflammatory disease, which is suggested initiator of cancer. ”
So, if you drink a glass or two of wine per day, over a lifetime without knowing you were taking in chemicals, such as vanadium, copper and manganese, as well as zinc, nickel, chromium and lead. What’s more, about 30 other metal ions were found in wines, but THQ can not be calculated because safe levels of exposure remains unknown.
Frustrating, because for the simple pleasure Many of us choose red wine, anyone with protective antioxidants. Now we are left wondering Antioxidants are stripped of their power-oxidant heavy metals? Of particular concern behavior neurotoxicologist Bernard Weiss, Ph.D., professor of Environmental Medicine, University of Rochester, New York, manganese, heavy click this website metals, wine list inclusion. Not any Naughton / Petróczi work, he notes that this brain substance has been linked to Parkinson’s disease.
Weiss is quick to point out, “Every time you see numbers like they have in this study, you begin to scratch your head and wonder about the long-term effects of ingestion: Not wwe supercard cheat online one glass of wine last Tuesday, but the glass on the day over a lifetime.”
Best to be an informed consumer. Although the wine is from Argentina, Brazil and Italy, it was found that heavy metals, there are twelve other wine-producing countries, which offers a number of serious contenders most metal laden drink. Wines from Hungary and Slovakia had the potential THQ values over 350th Close the heels of the French wine from Austria, Spain, Germany and Portugal – some of the largest wine importers in the U.S. market had the potential THQ values greater than 100. North American wine values remain unknown.

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